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    Drain Clogs

    No homeowner wants to think about what’s happening within a stubbornly clogged drain. As a result, they turn to the quick fix and pour products down the drain that are marketed as breaking up clogs. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best choice, especially if clogs are bigger than you think, and can do more harm than good. We are a full-service master plumber serving Commerce Township, Michigan, is prepared to diagnose drain troubles and break down clogs effectively.

    Best Time to Call a Plumber to Unclog a Drain

    When is it important to reach out to a plumber instead of making a trip to the local home improvement store for chemical drain cleaner? Consider whether your problem fits the following:

    • Hard-to-reach pipes: Not all plumbing is easily accessible. Much of the plumbing in your home is tucked behind walls and under floors. Your plumber has specialized equipment to reach pipes and clogs.
    • Full back up: If your pipes are still allowing water to drain, it may be possible to remove the clog on your own, but when an appliance, fixture, or pipe is completely backed up it’s safer to rely on a professional plumber.
    • Unknown source: A clogged bathroom drain is usually full of hair or your kitchen sink is packed with coffee grounds. However, some substances are more harmful to plumbing and harder to clean out like sewage and grease. Resolving clogs like these are risky and require a pro’s expertise.
    Hard to Reach Plumbing Issues - Doctor Drain Can Help
    Common Drain Clogs and Where They Are Located - Doctor Drain Can Help With Your Drain Clog Needs

    Locations of Common Drain Clogs

    Wherever there are pipes and plumbing, there can be clogs. Each pipe that twists through your home has a job to do and when they get backed up your whole household can suffer. Here are the locations of some of the most common drain clogs:

    • Kitchen: The sink, dishwasher, and garbage disposal are the likely locations of kitchen drain clogs. These can often be cleared out by grinding up food waste and running a cleaning cycle, but if the problem still exists, a professional plumber must be called.
    • Bathroom: The bathroom sink, tub, or shower might be home to the most likely clogs, but the toilet can also clog. In all circumstances, whatever has collected in the pipe is gross but easily fixed. When the clog travels deep into the drain, call a plumber for help.
    • Laundry room: Washing machines work hard, but plumbing can clog especially if a poorly operating lint trap lets particles free. Buildup from stains and laundry soap and other washing products also contribute to clogs.

    Signs That You Need a Plumber Immediately

    • Frequent clogs: If you have one drain that repeatedly gives you trouble even though you clean it out and flush it clear with great success, it’s a sign that something more nefarious is at play. You need a plumber to figure it out.
    • Excessive drain cleaner use: Using drain cleaner repeatedly on your pipes can harm them over time. A safer, more effective, and longer-lasting solution only comes from a professional.
    • Leaks: If you haven’t noticed a clogged drain in other ways, a pool of water on the floor or water stain on the wall is a serious indication that you have moisture problems and potentially damaged plumbing.
    • Sewer problems: The last thing anyone wants is a sewer backup in their home or on their property. This is one problem you simply cannot handle on your own. Call a plumber to find out what the next immediate steps are to resolve the issue before it gets any bigger.
    Signs You Need a Plumber For Your Clogged Drain - Leaks, Frequent Clogs Are Some of the Signs
    Get the Help You Need for Your Clogged Drain - Doctor Drain Is Who You Want to Help.

    Get Help Now for Drain Clogs

    We serve Commerce Township, delivering powerful plumbing solutions to take care of drain clogs of all sizes. Contact us now to get help with your plumbing problems.

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