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    Plugged Drain

    A plugged drain is a nuisance for any homeowner, and it’s a problem that you want to eliminate as quickly as possible. You may turn to over-the-counter drain cleaners or natural products to eliminate whatever is blocking your drain, but these efforts can be more detrimental than helpful. Turn to us, a full-service master plumber in Commerce Township, MI, to find out what’s really going on with your plugged drain and solve the problem right away.

    When to Call a Plumber for a Plugged Drain

    A clogged drain isn’t something you want sitting around getting smellier and more disgusting by the minute. You might not want to call a plumber and hope that your at-home techniques can make the problem go away, but it’s important to consider what you don’t know about your plugged drain that can make a difference in what happens next.

    • You don’t know what’s really going on in those pipes. You can see that your drain is clogged, but you can’t see what’s going on within the walls and floors of your home. Your plumber has the equipment to target clogs and reach through your pipes to truly eliminate a problem.
    • Nothing is moving. At all. A completely backed up pipe is a sign that you’re not going to be able to fix the problem without an expert. Slowly draining pipes might be remedied with simple methods, but a pipe, fixture, or appliance that’s fully backed up can do things you’re not expecting – and create an even bigger problem for your home.
    • The source of the problem is unclear. It’s easy to assume that any plugged drain in the bathroom is caused by hair and your garbage disposal is jammed with large pieces of food. But when you can’t figure out why a drain is plugged, the problem could be damaging to your plumbing and far more difficult to clean out without the tools of a pro.

    Biggest Plugged Drain Problems

    The last thing any homeowner wants to envision or experience is a drain or toilet backing up and spreading water or sewage throughout the house. If you suddenly experience any of the following problems, call a plumber right away for guidance or a visit.

    • Sink backup: You may try to use a sink cleaner or snake to address sink backup, but if the problem becomes a gurgling issue accompanied by waste from throughout the house, there’s something bad happening within all your pipes. This backup also indicates that there could be problems with your dishwasher, washing machine, or main drain line.
    • Toilet not flushing: Toilet clogs are common and quite often a quick online search can help you clear out the problem. When the water is backing up into other drains, you hear gurgling sounds, and sewage odors are coming from other drains, the clog has likely become bigger than a homeowner can handle.
    • Water in the basement: When water is coming up through the floor drain in your basement or the sink drains, the culprit is likely a backup of water from your municipal sanitary sewer system. Heavy rains can overwhelm the sewer system and cause a backup into homes.

    Get Help Right Away for a Clogged Drain

    We are located in Commerce Township, MI. We deliver powerful plumbing solutions for homeowners and businesses that you need to break through plugged drains of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today if you have a plumbing problem and get the help you need right away.

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