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    Doctor Drain - Hot Water Heater Replacement

    Hot Water Heater Replacement

    A hot water heater replacement is a significant home improvement that should always be entrusted to an experienced plumber. We are a full-service, licensed, master plumber in Commerce Township, MI, prepared to diagnose the problems you’re having with your hot water heater and repair or replace the unit as needed.

    Signs You Need a Hot Water Heater Replacement

    Whether you are living in new construction or a decades-old home, your hot water heater is an integral part of day-to-day activities. If you encounter any of the following problems, contact your plumber right away – they are signs that you might need a hot water heater replacement.

    • Leaks or drips: A leak is the most common water heater problem and can come from several places including cracks and corrosion in the tank, loose water connections on top of the tank, condensation problems, or spillage from the overflow pipe or pressure relief valve. Drips and leaks are serious and need to be addressed right away.
    • No hot water: You’re in the shower and the warmth goes out of the spray. Your water heater might be full of water but it doesn’t stay hot. This could be a problem with failed heating elements or a faulty pilot light. There could be a burner issue or simply a tripped circuit. Or, you may need a new hot water heater.
    • Low water pressure: Older homes have smaller plumbing which impacts water pressure. Modern homes with a hot water pressure problem may be dealing with a clog in their aerators or water inlet valve. Only an experienced plumber can tell you whether this problem is easily repaired or if replacement is necessary.
    • Slow to reheat: A water heater may take too long to reheat because it doesn’t have adequate capacity to service your home. It can heat up again, but if it’s tasked with being used repeatedly, it won’t have enough time to maintain a hot temperature. A bigger tank may be the only solution.
    • Strange noises: Banging, popping, and rumbling coming from your hot water heater are indications the tank could be in failure mode. These noises usually occur because there is a buildup of sediment on the bottom of the tank. When this happens, the heater can overheat and eventually fail.
    Do You Need a New Hot Water Tank - Tell Tale Signs Why You Need a Hot Water Heater Replacement
    Do You Need a Hot Water Replacement - Facts You Need To Know About Hot Water Heater Replacements

    Facts About Hot Water Heater Replacement

    A hot water heater replacement is a major investment, so it’s good to know exactly what to expect from this home improvement.

    • Traditional hot water heaters should last 10 years or more.
    • Tankless water heaters last around 20 years or longer.
    • Costs will increase if you need new gas or water lines or new electric wiring.
    • Installation takes about three hours, barring unforeseen issues.
    • The water heater will be tested for leaks and proper operation.

    Questions to Ask Your Plumber About a Hot Water Heater Replacement

    Always hire an experienced plumber to remove your old unit and install the new one. When you discuss your options and listen to their diagnosis, be prepared with questions to get a better idea of what your home needs and why a hot water heater replacement may or may not be the best option.

    • Is a tankless or traditional water heater the best option for my home?
    • What size tank do I need?
    • Can I invest in the most energy efficient option?
    • What is the warranty on my hot water heater replacement?
    • Are there various brands for me to choose from?
    • Do I need to schedule preventive maintenance appointments?

    Experiencing problems with your water heater? Schedule an appointment and find out whether you need a hot water heater replacement.

    Do Need a Hot Water Replacement - Questions to ask Your Plumber About A Hot Water Heater Replacement

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